Program Details

Purdue Athletes Life Success (PALS)

The Brees Dream Foundation and Purdue Federal Credit Union are proud to continue their commitment to the PALS Program (formerly the National Youth Sports Program - NYSP) in 2014. Enrollment is open to all youngsters in the community ages 8 to 14 whose parents or guardians meet Department of Health and Human Services income guidelines. The program is free to attend! The goal of PALS is to inspire kids to stay active and healthy. However, the program is much more than a sports camp.

PALS works to create an environment that allows each child to grow and become the best person they can be. The goal is to provide a climate that focuses on personal improvement and building of positive relationships with peers and adults. Each week at camp, the program focuses on one of the four pillars of character: respect, caring, responsibility, and trust. The pillar for each week is incorporated into activities throughout camp such as sports, art, computers, and service learning.

PALS is a tremendous program with well documented results. The Brees Dream Foundation is very proud to play a part in its ongoing success.

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